Class Report: ENGL 135.60174, Advanced Composition–21 July 2016

After addressing questions from and concerns of the previous class meeting, discussion treated student questions and comments about the week’s readings and assignments. Instructor remarks about them followed, as did review of stylistic and mechanical concerns noted as presenting problems to students, including commas with introductory prepositional phrases and signal phrases for quotations.

Due to ongoing technical concerns, an unofficial copy of the course syllabus, taken from the official, has been posted to the course shell and is here: ENGL 135 Syllabus (Unofficial Copy for Workaround).

Students are reminded of the following assignments’ due dates:

  • Research Proposal (due to the appropriate dropbox at or before 0059 CDT on 25 July 2016)
  • APA Assessment Module (due to the appropriate dropbox at or before 0059 CDT on 25 July 2016)
  • Graded Discussions for Week 3 (to be completed at or before before 0059 CDT on 25 July 2016)

Please note that a template, sample, and rubric for the Research Proposal are available in the course shell. A similar assignment, albeit one for a different institution, is discussed here, with a sample here; review of the materials might provide a usefully divergent perspective on the kind of writing to be done.

A rubric for the APA Assessment Module may be found in the Doc Sharing folder in the course shell, as well as here: ENGL 135 APA Assessment Rubric. Please note, too, that the specific nature of the Assessment Module will preclude an example of it from being developed.

The class, which was observed by other faculty, met as scheduled, at 1800 in Rm. 111 of the DeVry San Antonio campus. The class roster listed 13 students enrolled, a decline of two since the last class meeting. Of them, eight attended, verified by a brief written exercise. Student participation was reasonably good. No students attended office hours.

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