DeVry University, ENGL 112: Composition

I was initially asked to teach ENGL 112: Composition–the equivalent of the traditional Composition I–in the November 2018 instructional session at DeVry University. I was asked to do so again for the July 2019 session, after some changes had been pushed through to the curriculum.

Some of those changes concern the final two major assignments in the course, which are now a “Rhetorical Strategies Persuasion Essay” and a presentation based upon the same. They are expected to respond to a single topic selected from a list that, while admitting of other choices with instructor permission, and seeming like they would be applicable to students’ lives outside the classroom (which makes them far better suited to the non-traditional students at the University than many others), still appear prone to artificial restriction. As such, on this page and in the work I will be doing for the July 2019 session, I will be introducing for consideration a topic I have addressed before in other venues (here, for example): curricular reform.


Geoffrey B. Elliott
27 June 2019