DeVry University, ENGL 227: Professional Writing

I was asked to teach a section of ENGL 227: Professional Writing during the September 2016January 2017, and March 2017 sessions at DeVry University. (The January 2017 session was canceled because of under-enrollment.) Each section is a blended one, obliging ample online participation and a weekly four-hour on-site meeting. It represents an opportunity to further expand my teaching repertoire that is quite welcome, and the support structure already in place to facilitate teaching comes off as being quite helpful.

Owing to University policies and circumstances of teaching, most course documents are still retained on the University’s online platforms. Even so, I have occasionally needed to have backup copies–as have my students–and I offer them here (updated to the current term):

Geoffrey B. Elliott
23 February 2017

Updated for new course information and to adhere to prevailing website standards.