DeVry University, ENGL 062: Introduction to Reading and Writing

It’d been a while since I’d taught preparatory work, but when I received word I’d be doing it again, I was glad of it. I had a fair bit of good experience doing so at another school entirely (which seems to have closed, now), and I hope to continue having good experiences in ENGL 062: Introduction to Reading & Writing at DeVry University in San Antonio.

I was first asked to teach the course in the May 2017 session. I reprised the course in the September 2017 session and the July 2018 session; I’ve been assigned to teach it again in the January 2019 term, as well. I’ll be putting into practice in the upcoming session some of the same things I’ve done with success in other classes at DeVry; I hope they will meet with the same success for a class I’ve taught more than once before, helping me to teach it better and my students to get more out of their time and attention to the course.

Geoffrey B. Elliott
8 December 2018

Edited to update for recent developments.