DeVry University, SPCH 275: Public Speaking

I was asked to teach a section of SPCH 275: Public Speaking during the March 2018 session at DeVry University in San Antonio, Texas. I have experience teaching such a course, as is elsewhere attested, but the request to teach it in March 2018 came after a long gap in doing so. Still, the chance to polish old skills and develop new ones was welcome.

As is the case with many other courses at DeVry, the course structure is prescribed. Unlike other courses, though, the topic does not seem to be. Because I know that students tend to benefit from a bit of overt direction, I will be strongly suggesting a topic. For the March 2018 session, students will be asked to follow their ENGL 135 colleagues and address matters of curricular reform–and for much the same reasons their peers are asked to do so.

More information will follow, obviously; please check back for updates!

Geoffrey B. Elliott
13 February 2018