About Elliott RWI

As noted in “Welcome to Elliott Research, Writing, and Instruction,” I have maintained online teaching resources for some time. These have included online repositories of course documents such as syllabi and assignment sheets, as well as examples of the kind of writing I would like students to do–generated by me and by other students who have generously allowed me to use their materials–and reports on day-to-day classroom activities. Students who have availed themselves of the materials provided have reported them to be greatly helpful, and as more materials have accumulated, student performance has generally improved.

Some problems have arisen with the materials, however. One is that the URLs under which they have appeared have been unintuitive. They are difficult to remember, difficult to find, and therefore difficult to use to their best effect. Another is that I have begun to think that I need to do more with my online presence. In particular, I want to compile research materials that will both further my academic interests and demonstrate my commitment to continued scholarship and service in the hopes of securing a continuing position, whether in academe or elsewhere. Hence the creation of this webspace, which will allow me to continue to do what I have been doing–hopefully improving upon it–while also enabling me to expand my offerings and better manage my professional online presence.

Geoffrey B. Elliott
21 October 2015

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