Schreiner University, ENGL 1302: Literature & Composition—Final Exam

The Final Exam (FinEx) in my Spring 2017 sections of ENGL 1302 at Schreiner University in Kerrville follows student votes recorded on a mid-semester survey and presents an expanded version of the vocabulary quizzes that have punctuated the term. That is, the semester has seen a number of quizzes offered that have assessed student understanding of vocabulary discussed during course lectures; students opted to be reassessed on that material for the FinEx.

The exam, scheduled in accordance with University policy, will present students with 20 vocabulary items culled from quizzes (and an online announcement, here). Students are asked to respond to 15 of them for full credit. (More responses may offer extra credit, depending on their quality.) As was the case with the quizzes, each response will be assessed for factual correctness and adherence to the standards of usage discussed at great length during the term; illustrative examples will be greatly appreciated.

The FinEx will be a closed-note, closed-book, non-collaborative exercise. It should also present no difficulty to students who have been attentive throughout the course–which mine have tended to be.

Geoffrey B. Elliott
5 May 2017

Edited to add assignment information.