Previous Institutions

I taught at the collegiate level from 2006 to 2019. I have not always maintained online resources for my classes, but I can still account for my teaching work in some measure, whether I have maintained online materials or not; they are listed in reverse chronological order (i.e., most recent first) below. Where I have previous materials in place, I link to them.

Burnet High School

In 2021, I taught at Burnet High School, a 4A high school in the Texas Hill Country. While there, I was assigned to teach English III and English IV. Information about the experience is here.

DeVry University

Beginning in 2019, I taught at DeVry University, a distributed for-profit institution. While there, I taught composition courses. Materials I developed for work at the University are linked here.

Schreiner University

During the 2016-2017 academic year, I taught at Schreiner University, a small liberal-arts school in Kerrville. While there, I taught literature and composition classes, in addition to doing some small bit of service to the institution. Materials I developed for work at the University are linked here.

Northern Oklahoma College

During the Spring 2016 instructional term, I taught at Northern Oklahoma College, an institution describing itself as the oldest community college in its state. While there, I taught a single section of Composition II; I worked as an adjunct instructor there, covering an unexpected instructional gap. Materials I developed for work at the College are linked here.

Oklahoma State University

From August 2013 through May 2016, I taught at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, a member of the Big 12 Conference. While there, I taught first-year composition, literature, and technical writing. Some of the online materials I developed for the work there are linked here and here, others here.

Technical Career Institutes

From May 2009 through August 2013, I taught at Technical Career Institutes, a for-profit, two-year, vocational college in New York City. While there, I taught college-preparatory English, first-year composition, public speaking, technical writing, and American literature; I also gave guest lectures in a number of classes. Such online teaching materials as I developed there are linked here.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

I began study at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2005, and for the first fall and spring terms I spent there, I tutored students in the university’s writing center. (I mark with some pride that I accounted for fully half of the tutorial work carried out there in the Spring 2006 term.) From the Summer 2006 term through the Spring 2009, though, I taught classes ranging from college-preparatory English through first-year composition, several literature surveys, and advanced exposition, in addition to offering a number of one-off guest lectures.

Geoffrey B. Elliott
25 March 2022

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