Class Report: ENGL 1213 at NOC, 27 April 2016

Following a shift occasioned by medical concerns, class devoted itself largely to review of the prefatory and summative statements for the FinPort; students had been asked to bring copies of their work on them to class during the previous class meeting.

Students were reminded about a survey asking after student data and impressions, as well; it can be found here: Students are asked to submit proof of completion before the end of office hours on Friday, 29 April 2016 (i.e., 1400 on that date); successful submission will earn students an A+ quiz grade.

Students are further reminded of the following due dates:

  • FinPort (due via email before noon on 29 April 2016; this is a change from posted calendars)
  • FinEx (in the regular classroom at 1400 on 2 May 2016)

The section met as scheduled, at 1300 in North Classroom Building Room 311. The roster listed seven students enrolled, unchanged since the previous class meeting. All attended, verified by a coursework use form. Student participation was reasonably good.

None attended office hours since the previous class meeting.

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