Still More about the New Feature

So, I’ve thought more about what I want to do. For now, I’ll keep going with the donation buttons I have had–look for the link below–and, if the amount of money that comes in justifies it, I will see about migrating over to Patreon. So there’s that much figured out, at least for now. I’ll possibly want to change it later, but I can do that.

That I am not going with Patreon for the moment, though, does not mean that I cannot use ideas I ran into with it–as well as at such things as Kickstarter and GoFundMe (the latter of which I have used in the past). One such is the notion of rewards. I’ve noted that I’ve been given through the kind of button I have used in the past, and I’ve made a point of making direct thanks to those who have. A thank-you does not seem out of line for all contributions–and a thank-you on the next post made would be good, I think. Others should receive more, though.

Before going on about that, I ought to make a note about what I will be going on with. First, I’ll be looking into pushing out the Pronghorn stories. It seems a good thing with which to start. Other stuff might happen afterward. Or it might happen in and among the Pronghorn stuff. I might have to mess with it.

Anyway, those who contribute $25 (or more) will get their names integrated into the story in some minor way–a passing reference to a person in the town, perhaps, or an exchange with a cashier or server. Those who contribute $50 (or more) will also get a hard-copy of a Pronghorn story (please tell me which so that I can send the right one), signed. Higher contributions will get more, to be sure, but I am not quite arrogant enough to think that I can get more yet.

More to come later, obviously…

Did I bring you as much pleasure as a cup of coffee does? Half a cup? Could you kick in as much for me so that I can keep doing it? Click here, then, and thanks!

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