A Robin Hobb Rereading Series: Entry 246: Fool’s Errand, Chapter 26

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The subsequent chapter, “Sacrifice,” opens with a selection from Chivalry Farseer’s treatise “Of the Mountain Kingdom” before pivoting back to Fitz facing down the Piebalds as Dutiful is overtaken by Peladine. Fitz points out exactly what is happening, and Dutiful makes an impassioned plea that seems to move some of the Piebalds, but not their leader, Peladine’s twin brother, Laudwine.

Illustration series for the Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb
May we all be so lucky.
Katrin Sapranova’s Nighteyes, used for commentary.

Dutiful makes to accept his fate, but the cat to which he is bonded turns and attacks Fitz, calling for him to kill her and trying to force him to do it. Fitz succeeds, and the ruse that Dutiful has maintained is broken. Laudwine attacks, and Fitz cuts off his hand. Melee ensues, from which Fitz and Dutiful are extricated by the timely return of Laurel and Lord Golden. Those accompanying Laurel and Golden, local Old Blood, tend to Dutiful, who mourns for the lost cat.

As Fitz feigns sleep, he listens to the talk that unfolds, the Old Blood explaining the rise of Laudwine within the Piebalds to Lord Golden. As sleep begins to overtake him in fact, he hears the negotiations between Lord Golden and the Old Blood elders there assembled; an uneasy agreement is brokered, with the Old Blood holding the secret of Dutiful’s Wit against better treatment for their people from Kettricken and the Six Duchies.

Fitz finally finds sleep and dreams with Nighteyes. In the dream, the wolf is young again, and he goes out to hunt, leaving Fitz behind to rest. He dissipates into the wider world, and Fitz wakes to find the dead wolf in his arms.

Yes, I cried. Again. As I do every time. Do you find fault with me for it?

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8 thoughts on “A Robin Hobb Rereading Series: Entry 246: Fool’s Errand, Chapter 26

  1. I’m just reading this now and its crazy that you posted the same chapter I’m on now on the same day I’m reading it! Ur summaries help me understand confusing parts. I knew laurel would come back for them! :’)


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