Spare Me Your Outrage

When you have
Time and time again
Seen the same thing happen and
Not bothered to lift a hand to stop it happening again
And again
And again
Because you profit from the reoccurrence
Claim you have to
Make us safer
Save our children

Still not so cold…
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When have your children been the ones in harm’s way?
When have your children been the ones not to come home
After you kissed them goodbye that one last time
If you ever did to start with
And I don’t think I’m alone in having doubts about that

Even a pitviper cares for its children
Cold-blooded venomous thing that it is
And in its worst things does but its kind
While you have a choice to do other than you have done
And other than you mean to do again
Because there is no sign from you that things will be different this time
No semblance of suggestion that you will actually take some step that will work
And it is clear why

You feast upon the suffering of others
Find delight in the tears that you yourself will never shed
Drinking it as nectar of the gods
And feel yourself to be above us
What matter if the people suffer?
The people do not matter
Only you
To you
And we damned fools keep letting it happen again and again and again and again
Despite any Jeremiah preaching in the hills

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