Initial Comments for the November 2017 Session at DeVry University in San Antonio

Not too long ago, I signed my teaching contracts for the November 2017 session at DeVry University in San Antonio, Texas, which extends from 23 October through 17 December 2017. I am pleased to be working with two sets of students across the eight-week span. One set is enrolled in a section of ENGL 135: Advanced Composition, a class I have taught several times at the institution and which I enjoy. Materials are going up in the course shell already–a benefit of having done the work before.

The other is enrolled in a section of ENGL 216: Technical Writing. I’ve taught technical writing before, of course, both as an upper-division class and as one more nearly equivalent to my present assignment–but this will be my first time teaching the course at DeVry. From what I have seen in the course shell so far, it looks much like what I’ve done before, if a bit more regimented in response to the shorter teaching time and the need to standardize sections across the institution. I expect my students and I will have a good time of things; I certainly look forward to having a go at it–and to developing the new materials for it.


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