A Bit More about Pronghorn

So Asa Pemewan has a job, and things are possibly looking up for him. For now, he can stay there and as he is. The Pronghorn Project will not be ending here, or I hope it will not, but for now, it is in a good place to leave off, and I have some other ideas I’d like to try out for a while. Look for a new project starting next week!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll continue to do so as I look at trying my hand at a few other things, and, as ever, if you’d like to support my artistic endeavors, I welcome it; click here.

2 thoughts on “A Bit More about Pronghorn

  1. I need to sit down and read the whole of Pronghorn in order. I kept missing days, or seeing it I’m the afternoon when I can’t stop and do the long read heh.

    How many words are there across all 46 chapters? I am assuming this is way past novel length by now?

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  2. I’m glad you’re interested in reading!

    Chapters are usually around a thousand words each (which is a short chapter, I know), so the whole thing’s around 46,000 words. Short for a novel, and on the long end of novella.

    I probably ought to go back and add a “Go to the next chapter” button in each, too…


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