No Parnassus

Pen and brown ink sketch of Apollo and the Muses enjoying music
Apollo and the Muses on Mount Parnassus by Johann Christoph Storer, held at the US National Gallery of Art; I am told it’s a public domain image.

I make my prayers that some of nine might answer–
I know I’ll not hear that nonet at once,
And who scores for such a chorus, anyway?–
But all too often
The winds I would send forth
Are swallowed up by stronger breezes
Drowned out in cacophony
And come to no more effect than many other prayers
Directed more diversely
I gave up such devotions as others regularly observe
Seeing no effect from them that I would prize
Or that I thought altered by my words
But I still open myself to visits from those nine
Because they or something like them happens
And I can sit and scrawl out something
Or strike small blows in some succession
And have something emerge I show to others
I can hear the song and praise its unseen singer
But if no music finds my ears
I cannot say somebody’s called a tune

Maybe I need to read more–and that means I’ll need access to books and such, with which I could stand to have some help.

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