About Alumni Band Again

I believe I’ve noted that have been participating in an alumni band, bringing together people who had been in the same bleachers and on the same fields and stages across years to wind their horns and bang their drums again. We played, a few of us, in the spring, and we play again, a few more of us, tonight at the stadium where each of us once marched.

…put your shoulders to the wheel…
Image source should be noted in the image and is used for commentary.

It’s a pleasure to do so again, of course. A large part of why I wanted to be a band director when I grew up was to be able to continue to participate in that kind of thing. (I know better now, of course, and severally.) I’ve done a few things, and I’ve even enjoyed some of them, but one of the most sustaining and rewarding has been to sit in an ensemble with others, making music together. I’ve not played for money much, but for enjoyment, and much as I might (or might not) practice, it’s the camaraderie that matters for me.

I look forward to tonight, and I look forward to the possibility of doing it again…and again, and again…

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