Class Report: Summer Bridge Technical Writing, Section C- 27 July 2015

Class began as scheduled at 0900 in PS 141. The class roster listed 27 students enrolled, unchanged since the last report. Twenty-six attended, verified by sign-in sheet.

Discussion asked after questions from previous classes before moving to treat homework (with one added assignment detailed below) the Hinton and Norton readings, and commas with introductory prepositional phrases. Discussion of the Norton readings expanded on purpose and began to discuss audience more thoroughly. Student participation was good.

Students are reminded that the standing homework assignment of Reading Response 3 remains due as previously indicated. Interview 2 also remains in place. The added assignment, concerning obituaries, works from the document “CSPB HW due Tuesday, 7-28” available on D2L. A dropbox for the assignment has been set up; submissions to it are due before the beginning of class, and they should take the same form as submissions of Reading Responses and Interviews (i.e., a single MS Word document). More details follow:

  • Answer questions 1, 2, 3, and 5 only.
  • For questions 1 and 2, add to the initial prompt the following: “What in the text suggests this? How does it support your assertion?” Please be sure to answer all three parts of each question.
  • Aside from question 3 (which should be answered in a complete sentence that clearly indicates what is being answered), answers should take the form of short paragraphs (100-165 words).

Assessment will look for:

  • Clarity of answers
  • Presence and quality of textual and other appropriate evidence
  • Effectiveness of explanations of answers
  • Adherence to conventions of formatting and mechanics (per MLA and course-established standards)

Each category will receive a grade of A, B, C, D, F, or zero, roughly following the patterns of other assignments’ rubrics, with the average of the category scores being reported as the overall assignment score. Posting to D2L has yet to be determined; grade reports will follow as they can.

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