Initial Comments for the Spring 2016 Term at Oklahoma State University

I have just received an email with my Spring 2016 teaching schedule. It seems I will be teaching three sections of ENGL 1213: Composition II:

  • Section 015, MWF 1030-1120, Classroom Building Room 217;
  • Section 023, MWF 1130-1220, Classroom Building Room 121; and
  • Section 040, MWF 0830-0920, Morrill Hall Room 206

It will be my first time teaching the course at Oklahoma State University (I have taught the equivalent elsewhere), and I am informed there will be programmatic changes, so the information already posted to my website will doubtlessly be changing. (It is a shame, because many of the materials already available on this website would have been helpful. Maybe they will still be.) That said, I have noted some familiar names on the already-full rosters, and I am glad of it.

I mean to continue several of the practices I have developed, retained, or resumed during the Fall 2015 term. Reports of classroom activities will continue, as will my efforts to draft sample assignments alongside my students. I am likely to continue to use riddle quizzes, as well; students will still benefit from practice in proofreading and critical thinking and argumentation such as they provide, and I will still benefit from the translation practice converting texts from older Englishes to modern English offers. Surveys asking after demographic and academic data, as well as impressions of the course, will likely also be forthcoming. I feel they have been helpful, and that seems reason enough to try them again.

More information will, of course, be forthcoming.

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