New Year, New Feature?

It is not a secret that most of the work I do in this webspace is in support of my teaching, that the “i” in “Elliott RWI” has gotten more attention than any other part of the site. That it has makes sense, since most of my time is taken up with the work of teaching–and it presents some problems to the pursuit of full-time academic work, since most of an academic’s time is supposed to be spent generating research.

It alsoDonate Button with Credit Cards presents some problems for my ability to support my family. The salaries of those who teach are not often high–and rarely have been, outside of a few special circumstances–and those like me who do so part-time fare even worse in that regard. As such, I have for some time featured buttons like that appearing amid this paragraph, and I cannot say they have been wholly unsuccessful at bringing in a bit more support. They have not brought in a lot of it, though, and I find myself in need of more of it; doing the things that are mentioned on my biography are not inexpensive, and raising a family is no small thing.

As such, I am looking into developing a Patreon or somesuch thing. (It has been recommended to me by a good friend that I do so.) Either that, or I will be making more posts to this webspace that focus more on the “w” in Elliott RWI and appending the “Donate” button to each. In either event, any support will be welcomed, and I hope to offer something more widely useful than my teaching materials–which my students note appreciating–have been.

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