Initial Comments for the July 2017 Session at DeVry University in San Antonio

I seem to be a bit further ahead this time.

The year seems to have come full-round, and I am once again looking at teaching at DeVry University during the July session of the year. This time, I have two classes once again:

  • ENGL 135: Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 147N: Advanced English Composition

The former is a class I have taught before. The latter is a similar class oriented specifically towards nursing students. Both will be new, however, as the school is transitioning to a new learning management system, so we will all be feeling our way forward.

The transition to the new learning management system does have the effect of placing more of the materials I would post to this space on the school’s system. As such, I’ll not be putting as much about my DeVry teaching here, although I’ll still post my usual course logs–and perhaps some other materials, as well.

Check back often for more information!

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