Class Report: ENGL 216, 3 January 2018

For the first course meeting of the session, discussion focused on introductions to the course, instructor, and basic concepts of technical writing.  Assignments in the short and long term were treated, as well, and practice on upcoming homework was offered.

Students are reminded that the following assignments are coming due:

  • Week 1 Homework, to be submitted online as a Word document before 0059 on 8 January 2017
  • Discussion posts, to be completed online before 0059 on 8 January 2017

Students are also urged to start work on selecting a topic for the course project and to begin reading peer-reviewed sources for upcoming course project work.

Class met slightly differently than scheduled, at 1800 in Rm. 106 of the San Antonio campus (the regular room, 107, was out of order but should be open for the next class meeting). The course roster listed seven students enrolled; four attended, assessed informally. Student participation was good. Office hours, normally Mondays from approx. 1800 to approx. 2000 online, were preempted by the recent holiday.

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