On Little Fears

A thing I ought to do more often than I do is write about the things I read–not just the news media pieces to which I respond, but also the works of my fellow bloggers. Since I hope to have my own work taken up and considered, I owe it to my compatriots to do the same, to note what I read and appreciate in them–and one I very much appreciate writes at Little Fears.

A WordPress-powered blog, Little Fears is a series of illustrations and short pieces, typically humor and horror, that I’ve been following for a while, now–and even commenting on, which I do all too rarely. I do so chiefly for the humor–a long series of puns, some of which are quite groan-worthy. I am a dad, though, so that kind of joke caters to my needs; dads seemingly have to make puns, typically zeugma, and Little Fears presents no few examples of that form that can be taken up and re-deployed. (The blog also makes liberal use of homophonic puns, although those work less well in text than in speech by their very nature, as a recent post about aquatic mammals exemplifies.)

The blog also offers no few other items: the aforementioned horror, SkillShare courses, and merchandise of various sorts. It seems to be doing well enough to keep itself going on those efforts alone, so it serves as a useful model to follow for those who would do the same with their own work. And the author does respond to comments left on the blog posts, which is often a good thing; readers are invited into conversations thereby and made to feel as if they contribute something of value to what they presumably enjoy. So that much, along with much else, is worth the consideration.

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