Initial Comments for the May 2018 Session at DeVry University in San Antonio

In a bit of news, I have been offered a section of ENGL 216: Technical Writing for the May 2018 session at DeVry University in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve not yet signed my contract for doing so, but I expect it will be coming soon enough; in the meantime, I can take a bit to get my materials ready again.

The session runs from 30 April through 23 June 2018; the class meets Mondays from 1800 to 2150 in Room 111 of the San Antonio campus. I am not yet certain when I will have office hours.

I feel I had great success teaching it last time, so I am looking forward to teaching the class again. Additionally, I think restricting topics for the class will work well, as it seems to be the case for the March 2018 session’s classes, so that will be one of the adjustments I make as I move forward. There will be others, I am certain, coming from results of surveys as they arrive.


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