Poems after the Styles of Others: Greatest of the Name

Now that April’s well and since begun,
And March is put away with all its fun,
And broken springs are mended on their way
While students of all ages look to play
In summer sun that has yet to appear
In diverse places, known both far and near
As sites for pilgrimages to undertake
Before the wallet grows thin as a rake
In pockets of shorts from closets pulled
And rated highly as from websites culled
Reports will come from users pleased and not,
The people look to see weather grow hot
In northern reaches of the globéd world,
Across whose skies the Milky Way’s unfurled
And where the mighty Dipper ladles stars
At times when all-aged folk look for their bars
And others stare up into inky night,
The darkness welcome respite for their sight.

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