Softer Stone

Though limestone shows its pores and bares its faults
Far more than marble
It is not less fair
Holding in itself rainbows for those who care to look
And promising in its slow-carved curves
Wrought with more detail by more patient hand than can be easily envisioned
More life
Showing lives that have been spent within it
And bearing the waters of life that is now
And that is yet to come
And holding in itself potential knowledge that
Schoolchildren can unlock
Cladding itself in colors of its own accord
Carrying for a time upon itself the sunset sky or sunrise
And feeding multitudes from its nooks and crannies
And that is far better than a statue’s stone
A more imposing edifice than carved columns

Season creek with water flowing and algae around the edges
Image from TPWD, here, so it should be public domain…

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