Driving in My Hometown

Driving again the streets of my hometown
Thinking about the early days when I
Learned how to be behind the wheel and made
Many wrong turns
Going right when I ought to have gone left
Staying straight when a more curving path
Would have been more pleasant to drive
And probably faster
Wondering what might have happened
Had I driven different roads
Ones I saw and sped on by in
Haste to be somewhere that
Wasn’t what I thought it would be
Not that I knew what I thought it would be
Focused on where I was going and not where I was
How I was getting there
What could be seen along the way
But the avenues down which I did not turn are
Closed off now or
Routed to other destinations
You can’t get there from here
And the grass here grows so green

Facilities • Kerrville • CivicEngage
Image from the Kerrville city site, which makes for public domain, I believe…

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