Breathe Deep

Breathe deep, indeed…
Image from TPWD, which makes it public domain, I believe.

The limestone hills
Clad in their oak and cedar
Cypress at the riverside
And mesquite in many places
Put on bright clothing in the spring
Lady Bird’s old fashion line that
Took root in other places but
Is never worn so well as around her home

But the bouquet that greets the nose most times
Does not smell as a rose by any name
It is instead the musk of another flower
All too often pressed
Again and again
By those hurrying along their way
And though they do not stop to smell that rose
They do not need to as the miles go by

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One thought on “Breathe Deep

  1. Of course breathing deep is also the way of calming ourselves. The reduction of fear as we whoosh in and out is palpable, deep, and a relief to the whole shocked system. A source of meditation-power as well, breathing deep — as envisioned by the Masters — teaches us how to think clearly on matters. If you’re in university studying for a final, you can benefit from breath exercises, since they couple so naturally with the task a hand. Because breath is easy and because feelings don’t lie, our penultimate destination is Harmony Ville.

    — Catxman


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