Gotta Keep Going…

I have been having trouble writing for a while, now. I’ve been writing, of course, as the continued posts in this webspace attest, and as the writing I’ve done elsewhere also reports. After all, the forum-based RPGs in which I engage rely almost exclusively on writing, and I’ve been at work producing copy and drafting lesson plans to accompany popular books. Too, I’ve kept up tutoring, working with clients to refine their writing, and that has meant I’ve been writing to them and with them about that work. A lot of my day, each day, is spent in front of a computer, typing away, and I’m largely pleased by it.

That I’ve been doing the work, though, doesn’t mean it’s been easy to do the work. Millennial though I am, I am aware that work is not always going to be easy; I am aware that it should not always be easy. If it were, it’d be done by more people, and I’d lose what ability I have to make a living from it. (It’s not as much as might be thought; your help with that would be welcome!) Further, I am aware that a Millennial complaining about work being difficult is something of a cliché, both in itself and as a target for ridicule. (I would point out, however, as I have before, that we do not gainsay the laborer for complaints of sore muscles at the end of the day. Try to do what I do and see if you are not fatigued at the end of it.)

Drained as I might feel myself to be–and I do–I am working. I have to work. Bills need paying. Savings need laying-in, both for myself and for my daughter. And, at least as far as the reading and writing work goes, I continue to find it…amenable. I do get to use the skills I developed as an academic and across more than a decade now more than a decade gone, which is nice, and I do get to expand my own reading beyond what I would normally take in, which is also to my benefit. Too, there is clear appreciation for the work I do, not all of which comes in terms of payment even if a fair bit of it does. Were matters other than they are, I would do only this work. They are not, so I do other work, as well, but I have to keep going here.

I want to keep going here.

Maybe you can help me with that?

Maybe you have some writing you need reviewed or some copy you need crafted? Maybe you’ve got some questions about things, and I might well have the answer. Fill out the form below, and I’ll be happy to see what I can do to help you!


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