One Day

I will have time to read again
Turning pages at my pleasure and for it instead of
Racing through reams to write tests I know
Strip the joy from where I have found it
For others
For me

Not that I’d wear shorts, mind…
Photo by Vlad Cheu021ban on

I will have time to write again
Pick up a pen and fill out pages
Such as I used to do
And not only short bursts of verse or reading reviews
But things I ought to have been writing long since
That others might want someday to read
Or crapped-out copy for a few coins
(Though I appreciate the pay)

I will be able to be a part of things
As I have not before been
Except on occasion
And those the better days of my life
Now past
But perhaps to be reclaimed again
Or claimed since
They have so seldom been

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