A Rumination Prompted by Today’s Observance

It seems a lot of holiday posts have fallen on Mondays this year. Some, of course, will do so as a matter of course, being fixed by law where I write as on that weekday; Memorial Day and Labor Day come to mind as examples. Others, such as today’s Halloween, will do so periodically as the calendar demands. And there are many for whom the association of a “horror”-themed holiday and a Monday makes sense, as if there were some greater intent at work.

Tamer than many…
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

There is not, of course; it is a coincidence that occurs at intervals, as noted. The idea of coincidence, though, is one that frightens many. That things happen together, results of the vagaries of human-made patterns, strikes some as impossible; for them, everything must be the deliberate action of some outside force, some sinister cabal that manages to conceal itself except to a select few who find themselves disregarded by the populace at large–unless that populace is, itself, somehow part of the cabal.

I have never understood the leaps of faith and hackneyed reasoning, the willingness to spin spurious structures from thin air to explain things. Perhaps it is only self-pity by others transmuted through some strange alchemy, brought about by bitter brews and dire distillations, that helps people not to feel so poorly about the state of the world in which they live, that things are as they are because they are made to be so by unseen powers whose shapes they glimpse in the shadows, and not because many, including them, are complacent about how matters unfold around them.

If someone else did it, it isn’t your fault, and if it isn’t your fault, you aren’t the one to fix it, right?

Except that it is not that way.

It is the case that the structures in which we exist predate us, shaping us as we begin to exist and in ways not necessarily evident to us at any time. And it is the case that there are those privileged by those structures in ways others are not, some of them consciously and abusively so. But I feel…compelled to try to make things better, however small my efforts may be. On a small scale, I usually do so. Not always, certainly, but more often than not? Maybe.

I hope so, anyway.

And I try.

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