That Bunch Smells Well Fertilized

The old adage holds
One bad apple
Spoils the bunch
And we are told again and again
That we ought to listen to the wisdom of those who came before
Who know more
Who didn’t grow up with social media
And so they know the score

How millennial!
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

But when we apply the lessons
We continue to be held to blame
Told that they’re not all the same
That it’s a falsely made lack of fame
And if they had done what they were told to start with
There would never have been a problem

What was that man doing
That the cop
Have carried around
A shit sandwich–
Diarrhea on rye, maybe
Or mashed corn-studded turds on whole wheat
Because getting roughage matters
And fiber is important to a healthy diet–
And fed it to him when
His trembling outstretched hands pleaded for mercy?

It had to be something
Because he had to know what he was doing
He had to know there was something done that deserved
Without charge or trial

But it was just a joke
It was just
A boy being a boy
Or some such thing
No harm done
Not really
It’s not like he did it to
Anyone who matters

Because he’s still wearing a badge
Even if it has
Something smeared on it
Just a little, there

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