Addressing Another Writing Prompt

Tell us one thing you hope people never say about you
They said
As if there are not many things
As if they have not already been said
Many times by
Many mouths in
Many places
And my own mouth is among them

I’m surprised it’s not a cat…
Photo by Noelle Otto on

No ioperamide stems that tide
That flows regardless of the moon
From me
And surges out
Drowning rather than uplifting
Swelling too often ungently

But if one piece of flotsam
Buoys up unwanted
It does not do to call it out
It is rude to point out the flaws of others
Where yet others can see
No, you tell your friend in private that
They’ve got something in their teeth
Just there–
It’s not like a badge or anything

I don’t think I’ll say anything to answer
It’s not like there’s any lack of ideas

I’m happy to address your prompts, too! Reach out with the form below and see what we can do!

Or simply show a little love; don’t let it be said you’re ungenerous!


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