Hymn against the Stupid God 201

The pseudo-sainted sought to earn acclaim
And gather glory to a sainted name
That he might greatly thereby grow his fame,
Though he may be a sacrificial goat
Thrown to the slaughter while the others gloat
Who at Stupid God’s table feast and bloat,
An offering to show the left the right
Can keep themselves still, standing in the light,
Hoping thereby to elide the blight
They represent, the one that plagues us all
Who seek to never be in that long hall
Where Stupid god conducts the running ball.
Distracting, they seek still to draw all in,
That Stupid God’s dominion might begin.

You know where it is…
Map data from Google, you know…

As ever, I’m happy to write to order…

I’m also happy to receive your consideration!

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