Yet Another Rumination on Taxes

Tomorrow is Tax Day in the US, something about which I have opined once or twice before. This year, I’ve been a bit closer to such things than in the past; while in previous years, I was working for Liberty Tax Service in Kerrville in a support capacity, this year saw me add tax preparation to my repertoire. Admittedly, I was still primarily working in support, maintaining the social media presence and addressing administrative tasks a-plenty, but I did prepare a few returns through the season. So that much has been different.

An increasingly rare thing to find in the wild…
Image from the Manhasset Public Library, which I believe makes for public domain

It’d been a while since I was in quite so client-facing a position; the freelance work with which I had sought to support myself and my family, and then the accounting work I’ve been doing, may have some interactions, but there’s a difference between an occasional email or phone call and having someone, usually not a happy someone, sitting right across the desk and staring as information gets hammered in and equations calculated. And things were made more challenging by changes to tax laws that made many people’s refunds lower–including into the negatives. I, myself, got hit for over $500.00 in taxes owed, and I’d been paying throughout the year. (I’ve since upped my withholding, and when I made my estimated quarterly payment, I put in at a slightly higher rate.) But I got through (I only work weekends at the tax-prep office, having a regular day-job for the rest of it), even if I was reminded that I am vastly out of practice.

Still, it was a good experience for me. The pay was decent, and the re/development of specific skills was to the good. Whether I will do it again next time around, I do not yet know; it will depend on a number of things, appropriately enough, and I know I am not good enough to know the future with any certainty. I’m not averse to it, certainly. In the meantime, however, I have other work to do, and I had probably better get to it.

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