DeVry University, ENGL 062: Introduction to Reading and Writing

It’d been a while since I’d taught preparatory work, but when I received word I’d be doing it again, I was glad of it. I had a fair bit of good experience doing so at another school entirely (which seems to have closed, now), and I hope to continue having good experiences in ENGL 062: Introduction to Reading & Writing at DeVry University in San Antonio.

I was first asked to teach the course in the May 2017 session. I reprised the course in the September 2017 session, and I am teaching it again in the upcoming July 2018 session. The last offers an interesting situation; at present, but one student is enrolled. I have been assured that the session is approved despite the current low enrollment, so if no other students decide to attend, we’ll have a fine ol’ time, indeed.

In any event, I look forward to it.

Geoffrey B. Elliott
28 June 2018

Edited to update for recent developments.