Initial Comments about the CEAT Summer Bridge Program

In a meeting yesterday, I was offered and accepted a position teaching English for the Oklahoma State University College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology’s Summer Bridge Program. It seems a good program for the school to have, and I look forward to working with the incoming students in it. Perhaps some of them will show up in the classes I have been assigned for the Fall 2015 term. (I do not have my full rosters at this point, but given my teaching load and what I have seen so far, I can reasonably expect to have a number of freshmen in the classes, and I have no doubt that some will be from the College with which I accepted the new position.)

I have not taught students at the college-preparatory level since 2013, so I admit that I am perhaps a bit out of practice with it. As such, the opportunity to refresh the skill-set such teaching requires will be welcome. So will the opportunity to help students get a head start on their work; perhaps it will help them and those with whom they interact in the future.

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