More Comments about the CEAT Summer Bridge Program

The Oklahoma State University College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology Summer Bridge Program that I discussed earlier will begin Monday, 20 July 2015. I will be teaching the section of the writing class meeting at 0900, Monday through Thursday, and I met with the person who will be helping with grading for all three sections of the class to discuss how we will go about handling the work turned in for the program. We determined to apply rubrics to the students’ submissions, publishing them for each assignment and assessing against them, returning comments to the students. It seems a workable solution to the issue of a short-term course with a rapid assignment sequence and, for the grader, a markedly heavy grading load.

Because I am working from a prescribed program, I will not be posting much to this webspace in terms of materials, although I may well see about completing at least some of the assignments given to the students, and I have every intention of following the practice I had in my previous online offerings of posting reports of classroom activities and reflections on them. It has been a useful habit for me, and it will be good to resume it. It may also help me track the amounts of time and effort I expend in teaching, something the reading I am doing and have done suggests is useful.

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