For 11 April 2016

Another occasion such as befell me on 9 March 2016 has happened again; I have gotten ill. I expect my incapacity to be temporary, however, and to be back in the classroom on Wednesday, 13 April 2016. To those students who had anticipated meeting with me today, I apologize, but I would not have been able to help you as you deserve.

As was the case for my earlier absence, however, there are some things that I can convey that I did not do in an earlier email. One such is the result of the FinEx survey opened on 4 April 2016. In combination, I have 16 students enrolled in ENGL 1213.015 at Oklahoma State University (OSU), 14 in ENGL 1213.023, 12 in ENGL 1213.040, and seven students enrolled in my section of ENGL 1213 at Northern Oklahoma College (NOC), for a total of 49. Forty-three students responded to the survey, which seems a representative sample. Eighteen students, a plurality at 41.9% of responses, voted in favor of the following option:

An essay exam asking for a brief reflective argument that treats an assignment for inclusion in a first-year writing class. An assignment not already included in the class should be proposed and justified to an audience that is in favor of the current assignment sequence but that can adjust the assignment sequence.

Consequently, the FinEx for all four sections will address that prompt, the overall tendency of the classes being clear. (Of the other responses, ten (23.3%) voted for the annotation entry, eight (18.6%) voted for the rhetorical analysis of an earlier assignment sheet, and seven (16.3%) voted for a multiple choice exam. The results remain surprising, as was noted in class.)

Another item to note is that upcoming assignments will remain due as noted on relevant course calendars (the ResPpr RV before class begins on Wednesday, 13 April 2016, for the students at NOC; the SOQ RV before class begins on Friday, 15 April 2016, for the OSU students). That students continue to work on them is therefore strongly recommended.

As circumstances permit, I will be working on the FinPort and FinEx (OSU, NOC) assignment sheets. Please check the relevant pages for updates, and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

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