Class Reports: ENGL 1213, Sections 015, 023, and 040–13 April 2016

After an absence on 11 April 2016, discussion asked after continued student progress on the SOQ. Some attention was also given to the FinEx, the general subject for which has been determined through student voting.

Student surveys will open online on Monday, 18 April 2016. Class time will be given over to completion of those surveys on that day; students are advised to bring devices–a 13 April 2016 email from Provost and Senior Vice President of the University, Gary D. Sandefur, notes that “The surveys will open on any Internet-connected device (computer, tablet, or smartphone)”–on which they may take their surveys. The email from the Provost also notes that

The system will close to all students on Friday, April 29, 2016 at 11:00PM.  After final grade submission has closed for the semester, instructors whose courses received student responses will receive, via email, a PDF instructor report for each course containing their survey results. For Spring 2016, instructors should receive these reports on or about May 12, 2016. [Emphasis in original]

Also, a 12 April 2016 email from First-Year Composition Program Director Lynn C. Lewis notes that

Offering students extra credit for completing the evaluations is not permitted.

While students are completing the evaluations, the instructor should leave the classroom in order to ensure privacy.  Please give students the following information before giving them time to complete the evaluation:

Course evaluations are an important way for students to have a voice in course content and structure.  Evaluations are used to assess instructors for reappointment and tenure decisions as well as renewal of graduate teaching assistantships so your careful and thoughtful responses are critical.  Your response is anonymous and your instructors will not see any responses until after grades are turned in.

Students are reminded of the following due dates:

  • SOQ RV (via D2L before class begins on 15 April 2016)
  • SOQ Update (via D2L before class begins on 22 April 2016)
  • SOQ FV (via D2L before class begins on 29 April 2016)

Regarding meetings and attendance:

  • Section 015 met as scheduled, at 1030 in Classroom Building Room 217. The class roster showed 16 students enrolled, unchanged since the previous report. All attended, verified informally. Student participation was, as usual, good but distracted.
  • Section 023 met as scheduled, at 1130 in Classroom Building Room 121. The class roster showed 14 students enrolled, unchanged since the previous report. Twelve attended, verified informally. Student participation was adequate.
  • Section 040 met as scheduled, at 0830 in Morrill Hall Room 206. The class roster showed 12 students enrolled, a decline of one since the previous report. All attended, verified informally. Student participation was subdued.
  • One student attended office hours.

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