Class Report: ENGL 227: Professional Writing, Section 11439–18 October 2016

After addressing questions from and concerns about the previous class meeting, discussion continued consideration of the overall group project, which is drawing to its end along with the term as a whole.

Further, students were reminded during class time about end-of-course evaluations. In an email of 10 October 2016, Adrian Shapiro, Faculty Chair for Teaching and Learning at DeVry University, offers the following link to students: It offers explicit instruction about how to complete the exercise–and completion is distinctly appreciated.

Students are reminded of the following assignment’s due date:

  • Group Project Formal Proposal- Final Version (collectively submitted to the dropbox before 1159, 23 October 2016–although earlier would be appreciated)

The class met as scheduled, at 1800 in Rm. 111 of the DeVry San Antonio campus. The class roster listed six students enrolled, unchanged since the last class meeting. All attended, verified informally. Student participation was reasonably good. One student attended office hours.

Summative comments for the session are forthcoming.

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