Class Report: ENGL 1301.03: Rhetoric & Composition–21 November 2016

After asking about thoughts from the previous class meeting, discussion asked after student progress on the C/C, of which the RV was to have been submitted before the beginning of class time. It then turned to a special exercise.

Students are reminded of the following due dates:

  • C/C FV (online before the beginning of class time on 7 December 2016)
  • FinEx (in person during the assigned exam period: 1030-1230 on 12 December 2016)

Students should note that the survey will be closed; results will be published when the relevant data is compiled.

Students should also note that next week will see student conferences in lieu or regular class meetings. That is, instead of coming to class on the three days as scheduled, students will meet to confer with the instructor in Weir 209 at the appointed time. The schedule of meetings appears below; please note the date and time carefully:

Monday, 28 November 2016

  • 0900, Loeblein
  • 0915, Harris
  • 0930, Miranda
  • 0945, Maxwell
  • 1000, Truong
  • 1015, Muñoz
  • 1030, Hutchings
  • 1045, Puebla
  • 1300, Saavedra
  • 1315, Fawcett
  • 1330, Cabreja
  • 1345, Hakala

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

  • 0930, Meyer
  • 0945, Jones
  • 1000, Rios
  • 1030, Russell
  • 1045, O’Donnell
  • 1300, Mason

Friday, 2 December 2016

  • 1000, Nease
  • 1030, DeLeon

Please note that instructional materials are still being developed for the course.

Class met as scheduled, at 1000 in Weir 110. The class roster listed 20 students enrolled, unchanged since the last class meeting. Nineteen attended, verified informally. Student participation was good. Four students from the class attended office hours since the previous class meeting.

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