Class Report: SPCH 275, 11 April 2019

After addressing questions from earlier in the session, discussion turned to concerns of argumentation and returned to concerns of sourcing before speaking to assignments.

Class met as scheduled, beginning at 1800 US Central Time in a co-sat session focused on Room 105 of the San Antonio campus. The course roster listed 31 students, one less than at the previous regular meeting; nine attended on-site or live online. Student participation was reasonably good.

No students attended the most recent office hour; the next office hour will be Monday, 15 April 2019, at 1800 US Central Time.

Students are reminded about the following upcoming assignments, due through Canvas before the end of day, US Central Time, on 14 April 2019:

  • Discussion Thread: Preparing the Persuasive Speech
  • Discussion Thread: Conducting Research
  • Annotated Bibliography (as a Word document)

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